Your customers should be paying premium prices for your cleaning services. Read on to learn how to market yourself to get higher pay.

In 2015, the cleaning sector brought in $50 million dollars collectively. That’s a good chunk of change!

But not every cleaning company was successful that year. Some didn’t make it. Others squeaked by.

82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. While you might be happy to at least be bringing in money in your cleaning business, just getting by is not enough.

You deserve to be successful. Whether you’re thinking of starting a cleaning business or just want to learn how to make more money in your existing business, keep reading.

We’re sharing with you how to get your customers to pay premium prices.

Reasons Why Asking for Premium Prices is Often Difficult for Business Owners

There are definite reasons why business owners often fail to set and ask for premium prices for their services. One huge reason has to do with the owner’s subconscious blocks and mindset.

But there are other reasons too, such as:

Failing to Understand the Key Outcomes You Deliver

If you don’t take the time or effort to quantify, measure and clearly identify the key outcomes of what you offer, it’s hard to charge what you deserve. Do some research to find out how your business differs from your competition.

Discovering what sets you apart is what gives you your competitive advantage. It also helps you determine how to best market and promote your business.

A Lack of Confidence

Most business owners who undercharge also overwork. This is often a sign that they don’t truly believe that what they have to offer is good enough.

Find ways to boost your confidence like visualizations and affirmations. You get what you think you deserve.

Not Understanding that Charging Too Little Attracts the Wrong People

Set your prices to reflect your level of expertise, value, know-how, and status within your industry. Undercharging only attracts customers who will never be happy with your work and will constantly drive you crazy.

Asking for what you deserve attracts customers who love your service and tell their friends.

Assuming Pricing is the Most Important Part of Their Business

It’s not just pricing that brings in your customers. And if you think that way, you’re always going to undercharge for your cleaning services.

Here are a few other factors that also get customers to sign up for cleaning contracts:

  • Publicity
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Social media engagement
  • Events
  • Networking
  • Referral and affiliate partners
  • Thought leadership

Word of mouth and fliers are not enough. Especially since by relying on word of mouth, you’re only going to be able to attract the same type of customer who already isn’t paying you enough.

How to Grow Your Cleaning Business

If you’re wondering, “how am I going to grow my cleaning company,” there are a few ways to do it. The first is believing that you deserve to charge what you’re worth.

How to Offer Value

Your services offer two kinds of value to a customer. They are:

Perceived Value

Perceived value is the reason a customer hires you. It is the value your customer feels and/or believes they will be getting from working with you.

Inherent Value

Inherent value is the primary value in your offer. It’s the quality and effectiveness of your work and the long-term benefits your customers receive as a result.

No customer hires a cleaning company unless they feel strongly they will receive value for your service. But you also need to ensure that your customer is convinced they’re receiving premium service as well.

If a customer doesn’t feel they are getting a good deal, it will be difficult to attract and retain them.

Ways to Increase Value Perception

There are some simple ways to quickly increase the perceived value of your cleaning services.

Increase Your Prices

While increasing your prices may seem counter-intuitive, do it. Be bold and double or triple your prices.

It’s psychologically proven that the higher the price of a service or product, the higher the perceived value a customer puts on it. Customers will feel you’re providing them with a premium service simply because you’re charging premium rates.

Provide Great Support

A customer isn’t just buying your service, they’re buying you as well. By providing great support before you even get them to sign a cleaning contract, it will help thoroughly convince the customer your service is well worth the price.

Use Social Proof

When people see a lot of existing customers are using your services, they automatically assume it’s worth the higher price.

Even using one of these ideas will help improve your bottom line. Using them in tandem will yield amazing results.

Use the Right Tactics to Attract Customers

Avoid trying to promote your brand in areas where the competition is already selling their services at a much lower rate. You not only don’t want to compete with them, but you also don’t want the customers they’re attracting.

Work on Your Brand

Instead, build up your website so it looks professional. Use SEO strategies to help attract the right type of customers online.

Determine your brand and identify your niche market.

Start a Blog

You’re an expert in your field. Now it’s time to let everyone else know.

Start a blog about cleaning services. Share your knowledge with everyone.

What to Include on Your Blog

Use the following to help you attract more attention:

  • Internal and external links
  • Keywords
  • Photography
  • Video
  • A catchy title and headers

Don’t forget to end each blog with a CTA (Call-to-action) and provide an internal link for the next page they should visit. Write guest blogs on sites where your customers also visit to gain more attention.

Share your blog on social media.

Sell Value, Not Money

Stop talking about how much money a customer will save by using your cleaning services. Instead, focus on how much money they will be making when they let your employees do the work instead.

Focusing on the ROI (return on investment) helps convince people to spend higher amounts because of what they’re gaining.

Hire the Right Professionals to Help You

Whether you own a residential or industrial cleaning company, it’s doubtful you have a full-time accountant or marketing professional on staff. But you definitely need both of these professionals to help you succeed.

We can help you determine what online strategies to use to attract those customers who are more than willing to pay you premium prices for your services. Don’t wait to find the success you deserve. Contact us today.